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Freeze Someone Out of Your Life Spell

This spell is for relationships gone very bad. If someone keeps hassling you and you're having trouble getting them out of your life then give this spell a try.

You will need: 8" yellow candle, 8" blue candle, 8" gray candle, A cheap knife, charcoal, heavy-duty, and a safety pin.

Location: You will need to find a place where there is green grass and trees growing in one direction and the other direction needs to be more barren (such as sand or rocks).

Timing: Only perform this spell between the hours of twelve midnight and one in the morning. Start the spell on a Sunday night.

Procedure: Cut seven notches in each candle. On the base of the yellow candle engrave your name and birth date and on the gray candle engrave the name and birth date of the person you are trying to get rid of. Place the blue candle in the middle, the yellow candle on the grassy side and the gray candle on the barren side. The candles must be placed 24 inches from the blue candle. In the middle between the blue candle and the gray candle place the knife lying with the sharp blade facing the gray candle. Surround the gray candle with some charcoal.

Draw a dove with your little finger of the left hand around the yellow candle. With your left hand light both the yellow candle and the blue candle. With your right hand light the gray candle. Repeat the following words three times:

"atce atce atce ete el ikaw".

Let all three candles burn one section. On the next night repeat the same moving the candles another 24 inches apart. Continue for seven nights in total until the last night you will have one section of each candle. Bury the gray candle in the ground with charcoal. Bury knife with blade facing gray candle. Bury blue candle. Take the yellow candle home and place in bottom draw of your cupboard on white cloth.

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