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Feeding The Spirit Spell

By fasting the Body. Decide in advance how much time you'll take for this spell-whether you wish to fast during the daylight hours only, beginning your Litha celebration at sunset like the ancients did, or for twenty-four hours, beginning your Litha celebration tomorrow.

At the beginning of your fasting time, take a pillar candle in a color that best represents food, nourishment, and health to you, and carve it with symbols that represent these things, as well as personal enlightenment, and dress it with oil. As you light the candle, ponder world hunger, abundance, nutrition, and starvation. Ponder your personal relationship with food and nourishment. If possible, let the candle burn throughout the day, as you continue the contemplation from above, jotting down any emotions or frustrations you have about these issues.

At the end of the fasting period, burn the paper, releasing frustration, anxiety, and compulsion. When you take your first meal, visualize and give gratitude to all the beings who had a hand in feeding you. Eat slowly and mindfully, letting the food fill you with nourishment.

This spell was written By Thuri Calafia, Llewellyn's Witches' Spell-A-Day.

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