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Business Presentation Spell

This spell is especially useful for those whose work requires making presentations or attending meetings but they are afflicted by anxiety, nervousness, stage-fright, or a lack of confidence. It is also beneficial for persons attending job interviews.

One hour before the stressful occasion, take several deep breaths while holding a blue crystal of your choice. Visualize the stirring of inner strength and confidence stimulating your entire psyche. Breathe in deeply, and hold the breath for three to five seconds. When ready, breathe out in short but strong spurts. Repeat this process nine times while still holding the blue crystal. Feel the crystal emitting positive energies, giving guidance, insight, and calm.

Dab on some light cologne, tidy up your appearance, have a glass of water or mild fruit juice, and line your tummy with a slice of bread for grounding. The blue crystal can be carried in a pouch, or tucked into a pocket, bag, or briefcase.

This spell was written by S.Y. Zenith, Llewellyn's Witches' Spell-A-Day.

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