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Banish an Adversary Spell

To be rid of someone who harasses you incessantly, dress a white or red candle with olive oil. Clear away all flammable items, and place a heat-proof dish on the altar. Take a square piece of brown paper and write the name of the adversary on it.

Underneath the persons name, write your wish that this person fade out of your life totally. Dab some pine essential oil on the four corners of the paper and also upon the persons name. Cross out your adversary's name nine times with a pencil.

Set the brown paper alight from the candle flame, and put it in the heatproof dish. Allow the paper to burn completely. Wrap up the remains, and bury them in the earth.

This spell was written by S. Y. Zenith, Llewellyn's Witches' Spell-A-Day. This print "Folk Art Halloween Witch Flying Witches Crone Maiden All Hallow's Eve" is by Sunbyrum. You can visit her Etsy Store to purchase her beautiful artwork.

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