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What is a Kitchen Witch?

A Kitchen Witch is a Witch who focuses their magical practice on the home and hearth and uses things commonly found in their own kitchen as magickal tools. As a Kitchen Witch, the craft is not just something one does, it's a lifestyle.

Am I a Kitchen Witch?

  • ♥ Do you grow basil, or other herbs in the window sill of your kitchen?
  • ♥ Do you use citrus peels & vinegar to keep your home fresh & clean?
  • ♥ Do you always know what phase the moon is in or at the very least keep a lunar calendar on hand?
  • ♥ Do you keep your candles stored in the freezer to help them burn better and longer.?
  • ♥ Do you keep aloe vera growing in case of minor kitchen burns?
  • ♥ If you said yes to any of the above then yes, you might be a Kitchen Witch!

Passion Salad Recipe

Passion Salad is a yummy meal for two, seriously over the top delicious, and perfect for your Beltane meal recipes.

•carrot slices
•chopped eggs
•cardamom dressing
•two red candles

Basically, this salad is made the same way as any other salad, with very few differences. Tear the lettuce by hand instead of cutting it, so emotions aren't also cut off.

Chill a fresh carrot before slicing it, and carve it into a heart shape, so when you look at it as though it were a telescope, you see a heart shape. This will allow each slice of carrot to be a heart shape.

Toss this salad with the cardamom dressing to hold everything together. Add a verbal component like:

With greens to grow,

and carrots to light an inner glow,

cucumber adds some zest,

eggs and dressing do the rest.

Passion from this bowl now turned,

within me let those fires burn.

Serve by the light of two red candles.

This salad is designed to encourage passion within whoever makes it and casts the spell. Inviting your significant other over for a nice romantic dinner and preparing this salad is not going to make them suddenly want you more than anything in this world.

This spell doesn't even have to relate to passion in the romantic sense. It can be used for adoration, increasing desire, or yearning for a person, a job, art. Any area where you feel you need an extra dash of passion. You may choose to alter the chant accordingly to reflect the area selected.

This spell is best cast from the waxing to full Moon, or when the Moon is in Virgo, Aquarius or Pisces. During hours of potent sunlight to gain the Fire element. Wednesdays or Fridays in the seasons of spring and summer, especially May Day.

Recipe submitted by Staria.

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