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What is a Kitchen Witch?

A Kitchen Witch is a Witch who focuses their magical practice on the home and hearth and uses things commonly found in their own kitchen as magickal tools. As a Kitchen Witch, the craft is not just something one does, it's a lifestyle.

Am I a Kitchen Witch?

  • ♥ Do you grow basil, or other herbs in the window sill of your kitchen?
  • ♥ Do you use citrus peels & vinegar to keep your home fresh & clean?
  • ♥ Do you always know what phase the moon is in or at the very least keep a lunar calendar on hand?
  • ♥ Do you keep your candles stored in the freezer to help them burn better and longer.?
  • ♥ Do you keep aloe vera growing in case of minor kitchen burns?
  • ♥ If you said yes to any of the above then yes, you might be a Kitchen Witch!

Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe

Lore has it that while the plague was raging in France, a rash of burglaries of plague victims homes was discovered. No effort was made, however, to apprehend the thieves as it was assured that they would soon succumb to the contagion in the homes they had robbed.

The thieves carried on their crime spree for some time, and people began to wonder why they had not become ill and died. It was then that the authorities began to pursue them, to discover the secret of their immunity to the plague.

Once the burglars had been apprehended, they struck a bargain with the authorities that they should be set free in exchange for revealing the secret of their immunity to the plague. It was then that the four thieves revealed the herbal disinfectant formula that rendered them immune to the plague.

Current theorist suggest this formula, now called "Four Thieves Vinegar", may offer protection against threats, such as the flu, smallpox, and biological weapons which concern us today, as all it's ingredient are either strong anti-bacterial agents or have potent anti-viral properties.

•1 part lavender, chopped
•1 part rosemary, chopped
•1 part mint, chopped
•1 part sage, chopped
•1 part thyme, chopped
•1 part marjoram, chopped
•1 part anise hyssop, chopped
•4-5 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed
•16 oz raw (unpasteurized) organic apple cider vinegar
•½ teaspoon black peppercorns, crushed (optional)
•3 whole cloves, crushed (optional)

Combine chopped fresh or dried herbs, spices, and garlic in a glass quart jar with a tight fitting lid. Heat your apple cider vinegar to warm, but not boiling. Pour the warm vinegar into the jars with the infusion ingredients until almost full. Let the infused vinegar's sit out of direct sunlight for about two weeks, making sure to shake them every few days. After about two weeks, the infused vinegar will be ready for straining. Using clean jars (or glass bottles) that you want to store the vinegar in permanently; place a funnel and strainer over the clean jar and pour the infused vinegar into it.


• Seasoning - Add to salads or as a seasoning for braised meats and vegetables.

• Immune Booster - Take a teaspoonful several times a day to prevent cold/flu.

• Natural Cleanser - The herbs used in this recipe possess strong antimicrobial effects and vinegar which makes an excellent natural cleanser. Fill a spray bottle and use it to clean and sterilize kitchen counters and bathrooms.

• Astringent - Dilute some vinegar with water and use as a cleansing agent or astringent for the skin.

• Protection - For personal protection add a teaspoon to your bath water.

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