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What Tools Do I Need?

Despite what you may have been told before, Witchcraft does not require fancy tools or items. The last thing anyone needs is to feel inadequate in their craft because they can't afford all the fancy tools.

  • ♥ Jars, bottles, and candles can all be used multiple times with proper care and cleansing.
  • ♥ A simple notebook or binder can be used as your book of shadows.
  • ♥ Sage can used for any cleansing, banishing, or negativity spells.
  • ♥ Rosemary can substituted for any herb.
  • ♥ Clear quartz can always be substituted for any crystal or mineral.

Witches Flying Ointment Recipe

This nontoxic flying ointment is an herbal salve applied for the purpose of Astral Travel.

You Will Need:

2 drops Sandalwood Oil
1 drop Jasmine Oil
1 drop Benzoin Oil
1 drop Mace Oil


Add these essential oils to the ointment base and anoint the body prior to an Astral Projection session.

Warning: Essential oils can be harmful -- some have even been known to cause 3rd degree skin burns. Pick up a book outlining the different oils, their risks and benefits, and always read the fine print on the bottle. And don’t take too much comfort in the term “natural” because the FDA does not test oils for how well they work and safety before they're sold.

The lovely print below if by the artist "Rayne". I'm still searching for information about this artist including an online link. If you have any information on the location of this artist please let me know.

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