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What Tools Do I Need?

Despite what you may have been told before, Witchcraft does not require fancy tools or items. The last thing anyone needs is to feel inadequate in their craft because they can't afford all the fancy tools.

  • ♥ Jars, bottles, and candles can all be used multiple times with proper care and cleansing.
  • ♥ A simple notebook or binder can be used as your book of shadows.
  • ♥ Sage can used for any cleansing, banishing, or negativity spells.
  • ♥ Rosemary can substituted for any herb.
  • ♥ Clear quartz can always be substituted for any crystal or mineral.

How to Craft Cauldron Candles

Learn how to make Cauldron Candles, also known as Sand candles, so fun and easy even your children can help, using left-over candles or crayons.

You Will Need:

wax (left-over candles or crayons will work fine)
candle wicking (wicking from broken candles work fine)
bucket (or planter pot)
coffee can and pan
pencils or chop sticks
small cauldron (optional)


Pour the sand into the bucket or planter pot and wet down with water until it holds its shape when pressed. If you have a small cauldron, press it into the wet sand. If you DON'T have a small cauldron, use your fist to make the impression.

NOTE: Check your local dollar store for cauldron shaped fish bowls. You can also find small plastic cauldrons on amazon.

Insert the candle wick into the bottom center of the impression. With a pencil (eraser end) make three indentations at the bottom of the impression - these will be the cauldron legs. Lay the chop stick over the top of the impression and set the wick against it so it will help support the wick once you pour the wax.

Put the wax into the coffee can and set the coffee can in a pot of boiling water until the wax melts. DON'T EVER LEAVE THE STOVE. Wax can catch fire!

Wearing oven mitts, pour the wax into the impression in the sand. Allow to cool thoroughly.

When cool, scoop the candle out with your hand or carefully pour your pot of sand out to collect your new candle. Be sure to keep your sand clean so you can re-use it. Have fun!

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