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What Tools Do I Need?

Despite what you may have been told before, Witchcraft does not require fancy tools or items. The last thing anyone needs is to feel inadequate in their craft because they can't afford all the fancy tools.

  • ♥ Jars, bottles, and candles can all be used multiple times with proper care and cleansing.
  • ♥ A simple notebook or binder can be used as your book of shadows.
  • ♥ Sage can used for any cleansing, banishing, or negativity spells.
  • ♥ Rosemary can substituted for any herb.
  • ♥ Clear quartz can always be substituted for any crystal or mineral.

Good Luck Oil Recipe

If you are using Good Luck Oil for a money spell use a green candle, concentrate on money coming towards you

If you are using Good Luck Oil to accelerate a business deal use a brown candle, visualize your deal coming to a good end.

If you are using Good Luck Oil to bring love into your life use a pink candle, visualize your ideal person coming into your life and repeat.

You Will Need:

1 tablespoon dried wormwood
3 teaspoons ground nutmeg
teaspoon powdered mandrake root
13 drops pine oil
cup olive oil


Place all ingredients in a clean glass jar and gently swirl it in a clockwise direction. Seal the jar tightly and allow it to sit for 13 nights in a cool, dark place.

Filter the oil through a cheesecloth and use it to anoint candles for wish - magick, jinx-breaking and spells to attract good luck, money and success.

#moonmagick #newmoon #fullmoon #candlemagick

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