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What Tools Do I Need?

Despite what you may have been told before, Witchcraft does not require fancy tools or items. The last thing anyone needs is to feel inadequate in their craft because they can't afford all the fancy tools.

  • ♥ Jars, bottles, and candles can all be used multiple times with proper care and cleansing.
  • ♥ A simple notebook or binder can be used as your book of shadows.
  • ♥ Sage can used for any cleansing, banishing, or negativity spells.
  • ♥ Rosemary can substituted for any herb.
  • ♥ Clear quartz can always be substituted for any crystal or mineral.

DIY Candle Plates

DIY Candle Plates are quite popular these days, and really easy to make. You can make them as plain or as creative as you like with pebbles, glass beads, broken dishes, or whatever suits your fancy.

You Will Need:

plaster of paris
disposable plastic bowl
container in the shape you want (it needs to be at least 1 inch deep for the mold)
wooden spoon
items to decorate
ceramic paint
acrylic (optional)


Line the table with many layers of newspaper. This is a messy project, and oh so fun!

Gather all the items you wish to put on your candle plate and play with the design, figuring out what you want to go where. Plaster sets up pretty fast, and you'll have to move quickly.

For this project, we'll be lining the edges of the plate with the twigs, laying the leaves in the center, and placing the acorns randomly in the corners and edges. You want the center to remain level because this is where you'll place the candle.

Mix the plaster according to the directions on the box, and pour into the mold, at least a 1/2 deep.

Place the items into the plaster, being sure to leave the center free for the candle.

Once the plaster dries, peel the carton away and brush off any loose particles. Paint and seal with acrylic if desired.

#candlemaking #altarcandles

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