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Is Magick real?

Magick is all about energy. It's simply about raising and directing energy to fulfill your intentions. It's based on the premise that thoughts and feelings are, in themselves, energy. When you cast a spell expressing a desire, a wish, or a prayer your putting energy into the 'universe'. If the energy expressed is strong enough, changes will begin to happen. So yes Magick, which witches like to spell with a "k" to differentiate it from stage magic which involves sleight of hand and illusions, is real.

Isn't Magick dangerous?

I'm sure you've heard of Karma - what you send out will return and some even believe threefold. New Moon Magick does not support the use of harmful Magick so if you choose to send out harmful energies "beware" it will return to you. Work with the universe, not against it and you will be rewarded.

Why use spells?

Spells are rituals and rituals can be a powerful way to access your own Magickal abilities. A ritual allows you to focus your energy into attracting or changing things in your life.

Crystal Ball Scrying

A special thanks to Ronnee Ruselle for her valued assistance to make this article as complete and accurate as possible.

Crystal balls are a tool people use to assist with receiving psychic information. As I have a particular connection with crystals, I decided to look into the topic. However, we'll also be exploring other forms of scrying in future articles. As with all our articles, we share with you the realities and truths about such topics. You will not always find the information you expect to hear, because we do not simply repeat what others say is true. We hope you find this information useful.

What is Scrying?

Scrying comes from the Old English word descry meaning "to make out dimly" or "to reveal." When scrying, people use an object to facilitate 'seeing' psychically - so the object you use to scry is a 'psychic tool'. Commonly used scrying tools are water or other liquids (hydromancy) , mirrors (catoptromancy) and crystals (crystallomancy) . Even fire can be used for scrying. The etymology of the -mancy words is the Greek manteia, meaning "divination". Scrying has been used in many cultures and for thousands of years as a means of seeing the past, present or future.

As for crystal scrying, people use various polished crystals, seer stones and spheres. Let's look now at the focus of this article...

Crystal Ball Scrying

You might associate crystal ball scrying or gazing with gypsies, witches, wizards and old-school fortune-telling. However, it's quite popular with all sorts of people and is as valid as any other divination tool, such as using tarot cards, reading runes, using a pendulum, dowsing, and so on.

Choosing a Crystal Ball

When you think of a crystal ball, you will probably picture a clear sphere. Clear quartz crystal is used by many for scrying, but spheres made from other crystals and semi-precious materials are also common, e.g. amethyst, rose quartz and obsidian. Using a glass ball is also fine and much more affordable in larger sizes than those made of crystal. For simplicity's sake, when I talk about crystal balls in this article, I'm referring to clear quartz (also known as rock crystal).

If you are looking specifically for a crystal ball as opposed to a glass ball, here's how to tell the difference.. .a glass ball will be perfectly clear, whereas quartz crystal will always contain some level of natural 'flaws' or 'inclusions' . You may find small air bubbles, internal fractures, cloudy patches or even bits of other minerals inside. These qualities are actually desired by many scryers because they give you something inside the ball to focus on and may facilitate your 'vision'. Inclusions do make each crystal interesting and unique. It's up to you what you are happy with as your scrying object.

As with choosing any crystal, choose the crystal ball that you feel most drawn to. Take your time in finding one so that you give yourself the opportunity to find one that best resonates with your own energy. It's probably best to choose one in person rather than purchasing over the internet, as you will get more of a feel for the crystal by holding it and will get a better indication of the sphere's flaws and inclusions.

Size - The larger the crystal ball, the greater viewing area you have, but genuine crystal balls are quite expensive, so this may limit the crystal ball you can purchase for yourself. A crystal ball the size you would see in movies or depicted in artwork is not likely to come your way, due to the huge cost involved and the fact that the diameter of natural crystals with the clarity necessary for a crystal ball rarely get that big. You'll tend to find quartz crystal spheres between 60mm and 10mm (approx. 3-5 inches), with 80mm (4 inches) being the average size used. However the preference is yours. You may prefer to go with glass because you can get it in a large size at a much more affordable cost.

How it Works

In simple terms, scrying allows you to still your mind - to focus on a single point so that your logical mind falls to the way-side and your third eye can open to receive psychic information. This may be similar to meditation whereby some people find it easier to meditate if they focus their attention on a single object, image or thought.

Just as with any psychic ability, the reader (or scryer) will perceive psychic information in an individual way. As scrying is a visual tool, you will foremostly engage your clairvoyant ability - seeing still images or symbols, or see moving images like watching a movie. However, you may also perceive clairaudiently - hearing information and insight, possibly coming from your guides (be sure to determine that you are not dealing with an earth-bound spirit). You may also 'feel' various sensations and emotions. Or, you could experience a combination of all of these. Learning to interpret messages when scrying with a crystal ball takes the same practice and development as one would undergo without the aid of the crystal ball.

A technique that may help you to relax and become more receptive to connecting psychically is to engage your peripheral vision. In day-to-day life, rather than using our full vision, we over-use our 'tunnel vision' from a young age as we start focusing on reading, writing, watching television and using the computer. We also tend to focus in on people's faces when communicating. Learning to widen your vision has surprising benefits which can be used for many things, including scrying.

For instance, when focusing on an object such as a crystal ball, gradually start to take in the details of your peripheral vision, while staying centered on the focal object. It may take practice, but when you've developed the ability to widen your vision to your periphery, the 'parasympathetic nervous system' is activated which forces you into a relaxed state where the mind, body and emotions are in balance [2]. It is impossible not to be relaxed in this state. The benefit of this is that you will be more naturally receptive to perceiving psychic energy while in this altered state. An article exploring this topic in more depth will soon be available in the 'Psychic' section of the website.

Be aware that scrying, again like meditation, can take a lot of practice before you start seeing results. If you do find that it isn't working for you, try different scrying objects. It's also possible that your psychic abilities will work better in ways other than scrying, with or without the use of intuitive tools. So feel free to experiment and follow your instincts to save frustration.

Rituals & Requirements

There are no particular requirements or rituals that are necessary. To scry, you can simply sit with your ball and begin focusing on it. However, some people find that engaging in some sort of ritual helps to create an atmosphere that assists them to prepare to receive psychic information - whether saying particular chants or affirmations, circling a quartz point around the ball to energize it, or lighting a particular coloured candle. Rituals should not be seen as a 'taboo' thing. Meditating or doing a relaxation technique to prepare yourself for psychic work is no different. It's up to you to do what you feel is important and comfortable for you.


The following is a general technique for scrying with a crystal ball and is simply a guide to what you might do when scrying...

Prepare by considering what you wish to find out about by scrying with your crystal ball. Make a list of questions if need be.

It may be an idea to darken the room to reduce reflections on the surface of the ball. Sit in front of a table with your crystal ball on a stand, cushion or other surface. Alternatively, you may wish to hold it in your hands. Covering the table or surface with a dark cloth will create a blank background so the ball is easy to focus on. You can place a light source such as a candle near the ball so it indirectly illuminates the ball.

Focus into the center of the ball (rather than the surface) - perhaps focusing on the ball's inclusions. Relax...take some deep breaths...clear your mind. If you find it helps, gradually widen your peripheral vision until you feel totally relaxed. This will actually help induce you into a trance state.

Your vision may blur or cloud over, and you may no longer be aware of the ball. If you feel you want to close your eyes, follow that instinct. Alternatively, you may start to see images within the crystal ball itself, as the sphere transmits the psychic images you are picking up on. Either way, you are connecting with psychic energy to be acknowledged and interpreted.

Focus on your intention for using the crystal ball. Ask the questions you want to ask. Have no expectations of what you might see...allow the images to come to you. Follow all that comes to you until you feel the information is complete.

When ready, slowly bring your focus back to your surroundings. Take your time, as you would coming out of a deep meditation. You will need to ground yourself. Drinking a glass of water will help your physical body to ground, as will taking a walk outside or sitting on the earth for a few minutes. Crystals such as black tourmaline and smoky quartz are good for grounding too, so you may want to have one nearby to hold until you are ready to get up and move around.

Eye Strain

It's important not to strain your eyes. When starting out, limit scrying sessions to about 10 minutes, whether or not you have connected at that stage. Try to prevent yourself become tensed up and focusing too hard. If at any stage your eyes get sore or burn, or you get a headache, take a break or stop for the day.

The size of the crystal ball will also affect the level of eye strain you may experience. Smaller spheres are harder to focus on and may lead to more eye strain than larger spheres.


If you are working with a genuine crystal ball, the crystal will need cleansing from time to time. Crystals absorb energy and need to be cleansed to remove negative energy build-up. If you feel your crystal ball isn't working as effectively or it begins to look dull, it's time to cleanse it. Crystals love water. Running water over them gives them a pick-me-up that is the same as we feel when we have a shower after a hard day's work. Please refrain from using salted water as crystals really do prefer fresh water - tap water is fine and rainwater is especially revitalizing to crystals should you have the opportunity.

If you use a particular space to scry, it's beneficial to cleanse the area if you feel the atmosphere becomes denser from energy build-up. You want the area to feel light and airy so energy can flow freely. You can smudge the space by lighting some white sage - the smoke will collect and remove the positive ions (pollution) from around the room, your own energy field, and that of your crystal ball.

You'll find more about cleansing crystals in the 'Connecting with Nature' section of the website.

Storage & Display

There are a number of ways to store your crystal ball. Some believe you should wrap your crystal ball in a cloth and place it away in between uses. Why hide such a beautiful specimen away? If you have a genuine crystal ball, why not choose a beautiful stand or other surface display it on? There are some lovely decorative stands available in metals or wood, or you can go for the plain acrylic stands which are the most affordable. Some people sit their crystal ball on a silk cushion.

While on display, your crystal may absorb the energies from around it, so use the information in the 'Cleansing' section, above, to decide if you need to cleanse it before using it to scry.

A final word... you might be drawn to use a particular crystal for scrying, or indeed a different medium such as water or mirrors. I encourage you to explore with a range of objects to see what works best for you and your abilities.

Written by Donna Thomson.


I always try to credit all spells, recipes, crafts, and articles but sometimes I just don't know where they came from. While some of these entries are from my own Book of Shadows many we're submitted by members, customers, family, or friends. All spells, recipes, crafts, and articles found here on Spell Central have been posted with the intention of being helpful to those who are looking for witchcraft, Wicca, or beginner spell resources and therefore may need to be adjusted to fit your individual need. If Spell Central has something posted here that belongs to you and it's not being credited properly please contact me and I will add your information or remove the entry if requested.


Never ingest things that aren't safe - use common sense when following directions. If you suspect some content here to be dangerous or intentionally deceiving please contact me immediately.

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