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Apollo Love Spell

Apollo is a spirit of omnivorous sexuality. His romantic desires for men and woman are equally strong; what seems to be the bottom line of attraction for him is beauty, intelligence, and talent, rather than gender. His is a complex myth. Classical Greek mythology paints him as the handsomest, most talented, most clever spirit of all, yet the women he pursues inevitably run from his embrace. Apollo had better luck with male lovers, with whom he had happy, successful relationships. Request his assistance, especially with someone who's hard to get.

1. Carve and dress a large yellow or...

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Maiden Mother Crone

Luna: Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Enchantress

Luna is the Roman Goddess of the Moon. The Goddess’s three phases—Maiden,Mother, and Crone—represent the three stages of a woman’s life. The Maiden is an innocent, young girl. To her everything is new. She is health, sweetness, and tenderness.As the Mother, she has matured. She is all loving, protective, and nurturing.When human kind takes actions that hurt the Earth, she can get angry. And yet she still loves us, however badly we behave. She sends us signs so we, her children, can learn from our mistakes. The Crone, an old woman, holds...

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