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Kitchen Witch Bottle

A Kitchen Witch Bottle will protect your food from contamination or burning. There are many ways of constructing these, but I like to put three needles, three pins and three iron nails into a jar filled with salt. Seal it tightly and shake it vigorously nine times. Place three dabs of red wax along the seal. While you're constructing your Kitchen Witch Bottle, visualize your kitchen as a peaceful, safe place, full of delicious aromas, and savory food.

Place your Kitchen Witch Bottle on a top shelf of your cupboard where it will not be disturbed.

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Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

➤ Amun, Amon, or Amen. The God of creation. He carries a whip and sometimes is seated in a throne. He can be depicted as a ram with a coiled cobra on his head.

➤ Anubis. The God of the dead. He has the body of a man and the head of a jackal. Sometimes he is shown as entirely jackal.

➤ Bastet or Bast. The Goddess of the Sun and pleasure. She has a human body and the head of a cat. She carries a rattle and wears a breastplate decorated with the head of a lion.

➤ Geb. The God of the Earth. He often lies beneath Nut, the Goddess of the sky.He has...

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