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 How to setup your altar. 

Mint Prosperity Spell

Take your wallet into the circle.

Cast Circle. Call Quarters.

At the Earth quarter, draw an earth invoking pentagram over the mint. Take the mint back to the altar and rub the mint over the wallet.

Place a mint leaf in your wallet to continue to attract prosperity to you.

Dismiss quarters and close Circle.

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Magic Wands and Rune Energy

You may also wish to inscribe rune symbols on your wand for extra strength, each rune has its own magical energy. Below is a list of the runes and their magical strengths.

FEHU: Good Luck, wealth, money, property

URUZ: happiness, fulfillment, good fortune

THURISAZ: Good news, safe travel, inner strength

ANSUZ: Achieve goals, transformation, life changes

RAIDHO: Clear mind, journey, seeing through illusions, finding the truth

KANO: Inspiration, ambition, life-strength, determination

GEBO: Weddings, love, promotion, extra power

WUNJO: Good...

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