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Cat Communication

If you are wanting to be able to understand more than that, "meow" out of your cat with your mortal ear, try this spell.

First get your cat to sit in front of you, COMPLETELY STILL! Next tap it three times between the ears to make extra sure the spell works. Then chant:

Tail of Rat
Wing of Bat
Allow this Cat to Chit Chat.

You might need to repeat this a couple of times, you're cat does not remain completely still.

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Greek Gods and Goddesses

➤ Aphrodite. The Goddess of sexuality, love, and beauty. She is a beautiful and often naked young woman. Sometimes she is covered, or partially covered, in a cloth. She can be seen carrying a dove or stepping out of the sea.

➤ Apollo. The God of healing and the arts. He is young and handsome. He carries a lyre, a bow, and arrows. He drives a golden chariot.

➤ Artemis. The Goddess of the Moon, the hunt, and women. A beautiful maiden,she carries a bow and quiver of arrows. Often birds, deer, or lions accompany her.

➤ Athena. The Goddess of...

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