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Bring Luck in Business

Make or buy a draw-string bag about 2-4 inches deep. Put in equal parts of each of the following:

red clover
dragon's blood
mandrake root
5-6 tulip petals

Inscribe your full name on one side of the mandrake root, and the runes Dagaz, Fehu and Teiwaz on the other. During the waxing phase of the moon, preferably on a Wednesday or Thursday, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge the bag. Keep it in your pocket.

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Roman Gods and Goddesses

➤ Ceres. The Goddess of the harvest. She is described in the same way as the Greek Goddess Demeter.

➤ Diana. The Goddess of fertility. A beautiful maiden huntress, she is associated with the Moon and the woods. She often has dogs or a stag with her. Diana is often used in craft rituals.

➤ Fortuna. The Goddess of fortune and fate. She is mature and carries a cornucopia,a rudder from a ship, a sphere, and a wheel.

➤ Janus. The God of beginnings and doorways. He is a bearded man with two faces, one looks into the past, the other into the future....

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