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Crystal Healing Spell 2

You need a crystal, some spring water and a few pinches of salt.

1. First purify the crystal by washing in salt water then rinsing in pure spring water.

2. Hold it in both hands, close your eyes.

3. Imagine yourself with the healing energy of the crystal

4. The same time, imagine yourself bathed in a stream of pure energy which runs from the crystal through your hands and into your body.

5. When you have done this make sure you sleep with the crystal under your pillow at night.

By Ann Moura

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Traditional Wood Magic Wands

Most wands are typically made from wood. Depending on what energies you want to associate with your wand will depend on which wood you choose.

OAK A favorite of the great Merlin.Magical Strengths: Protection, Fertility, Strength, endurance, extra power, male energy

ALDER Alder represents the elements Earth, Water and fire.Magical Strengths: Weather magic, controlling the elements, protecting the dead

Acacia Koa: It has both a masculine and a feminine side, almost completely separate. Masculine properties: The energy associated with the masculine aspects of...

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