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Money Spell 1

On the first day after the New Moon set up your altar with your consecrated tools, cast a consecrated circle and begin to build a cone of power. Take a Green candle, anoint it with money drawing oil or fast luck oil, light money drawing, success or fast luck incense, then scratch your name into the candle with a pin. On a white piece of paper write down your needs and desires with green ink. When you are done put the piece of paper under the candle holder. Light the candle and sit quietly while concentrating on your needs. When you are done put out the candle. Continue this for seven days. At...

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Buddhist Asian Gods and Goddess

➤ Buddha. The Awakened One. The Buddha takes many different forms. He often sits cross-legged and appears to be fat and happy. Sometimes he is golden in color.

➤ Maitreya. The future Buddha. He takes the form of a man wearing a headdress and holding a white flower.

➤ Quan yin. The Goddess of mercy in the Japanese tradition. She also has cults all over China. She will protect you from danger. Newlyweds often pray to her for fertility. She is sometimes referred to as the Queen of Heaven. She is pictured sitting on a lotus, holding a vase full of the dew of...

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