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Angel Tears

This is a very powerful rain spell and is to be used outdoors only.

Angels tears fall from the sky
Cometh forth and wet the dry
Send down your tears so sacred and true
Fall down I pray to you
Feed the earth and plants that thirst

I call now solemn and true water the earth, and make a new.

Sweet angels send down you're tears to thine and make the streams flow as wine, answer me, answer me, answer this single prayer.

Blessed Be

Repeat three times, and see thus happening in your minds eye.

This is the spell to make the Angels Cry.

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Why forbidden magic

How many of mankind, as it deals with magic and witchcraft. The words seemed to be familiar, but if we reflect that it stands for and why religion forbids these activities, not just black magic, but white?According to Scripture, life on earth created by God's plan, and only He has the right to decide the fate of the world. Magic is magic, and constituted interference in this plan. They are nothing more than a way to bend events to his will.Imagine that each person is building the world around him as he wants. Yes, people are given a choice, but they sometimes resort to artificial means of...

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