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Dressed for Success

Today is the birthday of now deceased celebrity hairdresser Kenneth Battelle. He was noted for being the hairdresser of such famous and confident figures as Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy. It is also no secret that looking good in our own eyes is its own kind of magick and instills and boosts our self-confidence.

Today, dress and groom yourself in a way that is pleasing to you and that you feel expresses your own personal beauty (remembering that we all possess beauty!). As part of your process, empower a favorite piece of magickal jewelry with the goal of feeling beautiful...

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Protection Spells

Protection spells can assist you in defending yourself from evil. Protect yourself and your family from any spirit or demon with help of protection spells. As a Spell performer, one should be aware about the fact that prior to attempt spells at nighttime, out-doors, take up a holy object for illustration and sketch a pentagram in the air. Visualize the pentagram shimmering and the sin around being attentive within until after your spells, chant.

Protection spells compact straight with strength and influence Spells. These spells generate a protect around you which prohibit sin...

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