Nature is my religion, the woods are my church, and this is my scripture, abstract and soothing.


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Binding From Harm

Say the persons name that you want to bind were there is a line.

I bind you __________ from doing harm to others and harm to yourself.

I bind you___________ from doing harm to other people and harm to yourself.

Repeatedly say this and as you say this wrap black tape around a picture of the person you are binding.

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Celtic Gods and Goddesses

➤ Brigid. The Goddess of healing, inspiration, and craftspeople. She has great strength and can be called upon to help you endure hardship.

➤ Cernunnos or Kernunnos. The Horned God. He takes the form of a man with the horns of a stag. He is the universal father. Sometimes he has three heads. He is the consort of the Lady. He is often called in pagan rituals.

➤ Cerridwen. The Goddess of the Moon, the harvest, and inspiration. She can be dark, like the Crone or the darkening Moon. She is often seen as a hag, stirring the cauldron of knowledge. It takes her a...

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